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Flower 02/15/2021

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$ 550.00
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: Alex

D8 Goliath Flower Infused with 50 grams of WATER CLEAR 80%-90% pure Delta 8 Distillate.
Nice, Big, Dense Buds infused with clear distillate- clear distillate darkens the flower minimally.
Dried, cured and stored in a climate controlled environment.
A+ BIG buds.
Great moisture content. Every pound of Goliath Flower is infused with 50 grams of Clear Delta 8- the bud darkens very little due to the clarity of the D8. Actual COA attached below.
I also have D8 Shatter and Batter to offer.
Send me your flower & I'll infuse it for you!
All direct from our lab = Highest Quality Flower at 1st tier pricing.

Free flower samples are available upon request. Potential buyer is responsible for USPS shipping/handling- ($10).

Free sample is available upon request. Potential buyer is responsible for USPS shipping ($10).

If interested, please text Alex at 303-956-2143 or email

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