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Flower 05/11/2021

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$ 185.00
**Sample available upon request.**

New Client Special: $185 per pound w/ minimum purchase
Normally $215/lb

Our flash-frozen, just-in-time-curing ensures harvest freshness even in late summer.

KUSH HEMP variety 13-15% CBDa
Lineage: Pre 98 Bubba X Elite Hemp Cultivar
Aroma Profile: Light Pine, Citrus, Gas
About: Indica dominant variety with tight dense buds. Purple coloration with orange hairs and resin coated flowers.

CraftAg’s innovative Otzi Cure™ halts degradation by flash-freezing flower within hours of harvest and sustaining its field-fresh state until your order is filled. We use sublimation to gently remove moisture, yielding bulk CBD flower with more volume, better aromatics, a smoother smoke, and a longer shelf life.

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CraftAg, LLC
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: Blaine Krumpe

Premium CBD flower, innovatively cured to preserve terpenes & cannabinoids lost with traditional hang drying methods—freshest, loudest, and largest nugs on the market.

Our flash-frozen, just-in-time-curing ensures harvest freshness even in late summer.

Provides an incredibly smooth smoke without the usual throat harshness.

CraftAg’s advanced Otzi cryo-curing process preserves the size, bag appeal, and aromatics that are lost with traditional hang drying and curing. This unique moisture removal process, via vacuum-pressure sublimation, prevents the degradation of plant matter and yields smokable CBD flower that has superior taste, bag appeal, shelf life, and smokability.

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