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Flower 05/11/2021

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$ 250.00
Bulk pricing available, ships direct to your door step:

$250 per pound

KUSH HEMP variety 15-21% CBDa
Lineage: Pre 98 Bubba X Elite Hemp Cultivar
Aroma Profile: Light Wood, Citrus, Gas
About: Indica dominant variety with tight dense buds. Purple coloration with orange hairs and resin coated flowers.
Sample available upon request.
CraftAg, LLC
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: Blaine Krumpe

CraftAg Otzi Lyophilized hemp is like no other smoke you’ve had! Our advanced cryo-curing lyophilization process preserves the monoterpenes and cannabinoids that are lost with traditional hang drying and curing processes. This unique moisture removal process, via sublimation, prevents the degradation of plant matter. It results in a superior taste, appearance, aroma, experience, and smokability for the customer. The just harvested essence is preserved!

In 2020 CraftAg partnered with SENECA Foods to utilize their advanced preservation technology. This lyophilization process is used throughout the agriculture industry to preserve fruits and vegetables at their peak ripeness before they are sent to supermarkets. Because of this CraftAg is the largest company employing this new technology at scale in the hemp industry. We have named this process Otzi after Otzi the Iceman frozen in time 5,000 years ago. By processing in this manner, we freeze the flower in time right after harvest.

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