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Flower 1617 10/14/2019

$ 150.00
The scent of Pine that’s as refreshing as the Rockies.

Farmed right here, locally, in Colorado. T1 portrays a very floral, citrus, pine smell with just a delicious hint of mint that makes for a very refreshing experience. These high CBD content nugs are very dense and frosty. This strain is very popular amongst hemp users who are looking for anti-inflammatory properties due to the terpene Humulene. A must for the enthusiast who enjoys earthy flavors and tones from the terpene Caryophyllene.

Flower Pricing (Min Qty 10 Lbs)
Untrimmed - $150 per lb
Trimmed - $300 per lb

Prerolls 75% bud/25% Kief (Min Qty 1000 at 1 gram per = 2.2lbs)
1000-2999 units - $3 per unit
3000+ units - NEGOTIABLE

: Curnativ

Denver, Colorado

With a range of 13-18% Total CBD, T1 is a popular strain thanks to its diverse terpene/cannabinoid profile.

Refreshing citrus and floral undertones await and the terpene profiles exhibit high medicinal qualities that customers love. These medium-to-large-sized buds are beautifully shaped, and sport many gorgeous shades of green, from lime to forest. We have T1 ready for wholesale purchase and is sure to delight your customers with one of the most sought out CBD flowers out there for smokable hemp. T1 is dried, cured, and trimmed straight from the farm to ensure hemp quality.

NO PESTICIDES OR HEAVY METALS USED. All hemp is below 0.3% delta-9 THC and is 100% federally legal. Precise concentrations may vary from strain to strain. This product is Farm Bill compliant and comes with proper legal certification.

This strain is in high demand. Don’t wait, purchase yours at wholesale today!

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