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Flower 1024 09/24/2019

$ 300.00
Lots of Abacus flower dried and curing. Trimmed to order. Machine trimmed. Tops taken from our 10 acre field outside of Lyons, Colorado. Hand planted and hand harvested!

Purple Urkle / OG Hemp

More strains available in 2-3 weeks!

We offer no minimum order amount and prices starting at $350 Lb
Orders over 10 = $350/ Lb
Orders over 50 = $300/ Lb

Trimmed small buds available for for $250/ Lb

COA available upon request
Delphi Den LLC

: Delphi Den LLC

Boulder, Colorado

350/ Lb! Organically grown hemp flower! Abacus hemp offers large purple buds and gassy/ diesel terpene profiles that make it a unique addition to an emerging hemp flower market.
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