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Flower 4118 09/24/2019

$ 175.00
Spectrum x Cherry Abacus! Terpene profile ranging from cheesy fruit to cherry bubblegum.

Trimmed to order. Machine trimmed.
Can be hand trimmed for an additional cost.

We offer 1lb MOQ and prices starting at $200/Lb
10+ = $200/lb
Orders 25+ = $175lb

Can meet in person if your in the front range, CO area free of charge.

Customer pays shipping cost for smaller orders.

COA available upon request
Delphi Den LLC
1 Lb
Bank transfer, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App

: Delphi Den LLC

Boulder, CO

Unique genetics to our small scale farm. $200/Lb MOQ 1lb! Prices as low as $150/Lb on larger orders. Clearing out inventory as we have fresh greenhouse runs coming February 2020! Organically grown hemp flower! Our Abacus crosses have unique terpene profiles that make them unique additions to an emerging hemp flower market.
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