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Flower 1266 03/11/2020

$Β 125.00
Matt Brandow


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American White Label CBD
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: Matt Brandow

Denver, CO

Hello great members of Hemp Marketplace!

Right now, just like our high quality Cherry Wine, we have our highly potent, Sweet Wife flower on sale for a limited time only for $125 per lb. (17.71% total cannabinoids)

This is a new batch of our Sweet Wife. As before, it is smaller nugs with seeds and the nose on it is great!

Again, just like our Cherry Wine, there is no catch on this offer, it's straight $125 per lb. We offer FREE shipping on orders $140 or more. Our company motto is passing the savings onto you. You need to make a healthy profit as well, we wholeheartedly understand this as business owners ourselves.

Please order while supplies last of this sweet and soothing high quality bud.

Order on our website now:

Thank you for reading everyone!

Have a great day
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