Chandra Torrel


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Flower 07/13/2022

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$ 50.00
Price based on amount purchased. Negotiations are an option for 50+lbs. We can ship UPS or USPS. We have a hemp account with UPS to avoid any shipping issues. Dense and makes great moon rocks! Please note these flowers are not lime green. Pics videos upon request B buds $50 Terps, kief, D8, THC O, HHC, kief can be added at additional charges.
DGR Hemp
Cash App, Cashiers Check, Wire

: Chandra Torrel

2021 dense outdoor flower: Abacus, Bubba Truckstop, Sour Suver Haze
Stored in climate controlled facility. Mids/ B's available.

Please note: Website does not list wholesale pricing currently. Instagram @dgrhempco

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