Douglas Smith


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Viable Seed 178 03/25/2020

$ 0.40
Please note that pricing is per seed (not pound) and we have 25-30 million cherry blossom seeds available for the 2020 growing season. Price will vary based on volumes.
American Hemp Ventures
Not Applicable
Credit, Bank Transfer

: Douglas Smith

Aurora, CO

American Hemp Ventures, Inc. (AMHV) is the world’s premier hemp company. Our hemp genetics and seed production are some of the best and most progressive in the industry. Our team of world-class plant geneticists and plant breeders are striving daily to increase plant yield and genetic stability and those results are illustrated in the quality of everything we do. HempSure is AMHV’s branded line of seeds, products, and services. HempSure represents the highest quality and confidence standards in the hemp industry.
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