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Raw 365 10/04/2019

$ 325.00
Trimmed Hulk CBD Flower 21%

Hulk CBD Flower: 21%
1lb-4lbs $650
5lbs-10lbs $550
10lbs-50lbs $500
50lbs-100lbs $450
100lbs-200lbs $400
200lbs+ $325

Cherry Wine and Hybrid #9 Flower: (8-10%)
1lb-4lbs $450
5lbs-10lbs $400
10lbs-50lbs $350
50lbs-100lbs $300
100lbs-1000lbs $250
1000lbs+ $200

All strains are from the same farm. Pesticide free.
Shipping via USPS. Shipping and insurance are added to the purchase price.

Please email me for COA's
Eagle Moon Hemp

: Derek Baeza

Deming, New Mexico

Eagle Moon Hemp is a vertically integrated company with a farm and lab. We take pride in controlling the process, all under one roof, from the soil to the oil. We use only organic products and zero pesticides on our plants.
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