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: H3L Labs

We are a full-service supercritical CO2 extraction lab located in Castle Rock, CO. In addition to full-spectrum/THC Free distillate, we produce terpenes, crumble, smokeable hemp, and custom product formulating. We specialize in pre/post winterization as well as fractional distillation for your tolling needs. With our subcritical runs, we can extract aromatic terpenes which you can add to smokable rolls and crumble. At H3L Labs we love to get creative and help make the best products for a healthy lifestyle. That is what we do: H3L Labs: Health Magnified We like being responsive and thoughtful all while having fun. At the core, supporting people at enhancing their lives.
The passion for creativity and quality products, stronger communities, and more importantly, an enhanced today and future for all drives us.
Contact us for quantity and pricing. Partners in your success.
www.H3LLabs.com ?karen@h3llabs.com ?303.868.2798

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