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Distillate 10/22/2019

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Where other labs see products we see vision and purpose. We take everything one step further prioritizing customer experience and being responsive to your needs. H3L Labs is dedicated to setting the standard and using innovation to produce excellence in making products. One amazing CBD oil goes into many effective products.
100+ Kilos THC ND and Full Spectrum Distillate can go straight into products. We also have crude and Full Spectrum Distillate. Will ship. B2B only. We can also toll your crude. Custom and private label products.
Visit us at www.h3llabs.com or Call Karen at 303-993-4500

Call Eric at 303-868-2798 or email at eric@h3llabs.com
H3L Labs
1 Kilo
Bank Wire, Cash, Credit Cards

: H3L Labs

THC ND and THC compliant Broad Spectrum Oil 90%-98% with minors and Full Spectrum Distillate-83.63% with minors extracted from hemp using organic practices. All minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are retained. We are a full-service supercritical CO2 boutique extraction lab located in Castle Rock, CO. In addition to full-spectrum/THC Free distillate, we produce terpenes, crumble, and custom product formulating. We specialize in pre/post winterization as well as fractional distillation for your tolling needs. With our subcritical runs, we can extract aromatic terpenes which you can add to smokable rolls.

In-house testing using HPLC Chromatography, Full potency, pesticides, microbials, mycotoxins, and residual solvents-third party tests.We set the standards for quality.

Give us a call for quantity and pricing. Partners in your success. cGMP www.H3LLabs.com 303.868.2798

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