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EsoHealth has now partnered with the largest food processor in New Mexico to handle hemp extraction for anyone in need! View

Processing 310 10/20/2019

Tolling November 26th - December 20th
Can Run 2,650,000 lbs Between Above Dates
86,400 lbs/day
100,000 lb minimum contract.

60% of Produced Crude Back to You!
Kosher Certified
SQF Certified

: EsoHealth CBD

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Thank you for taking the time to review our ad.

What we have is a large processing facility of 30 years here in New Mexico that we have recently converted the systems to process hemp. We are Kosher Certified, cGMP, as well as having SQF Certifications in place. We have the opening of November 26th - December 20th available to arrange tolling for anyone in need. Between those dates we have the ability to process 2,650,000 lbs. Looking for 100,000 lb lots minimum to contract. We are capable of raw crude as well as winterized/decarbed with fantastic return rates. Distillate, T-Free, Isolate and water soluble by March, 2020.

Please reach out as soon as possible to make sure you secure a spot. We will be back to processing paprika from December 21st - February 15th and then hemp until the next harvest of chile.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We appreciate the opportunity.

Preselling winterized crude oil $600-$1200/kilo. Currently 350,000 lbs input material under contract.
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