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Distillate 12/03/2020

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Hunter-407-697-0863 owner and operator LAB DIRECT DONT HAVE TO DEAL WITH BROKERS! we can also ship direct to your clients and redact our information, whatever helps our clients move material!

End of year fire sale!

90%+ Delta 8 Completely Water Clear, completely Odorless and flavorless.
1-5 Kilos $700/kg
6-10 kilos $650/kg
11+ kilos $600/kg

90%+ compliant THC-O Water Clear or gold available with COA. Completely odorless and flavorless
1-5 Kilos $1200/kg
6-10 Kilos $1100/kg
11+ Kilos $1050/kg

75% compliant Gold Delta 8, completely odorless and flavorless
1-5 Kilos $550/KG
5-10 Kilos $500/KG
11+ Kilos $450/KG

THC-O is the new most potent cannabinoid to hit the industry, especially when mixed with delta 8. People will say HHC is stronger, but at $4000 a kilo, it simply doesnt make sense for retail sellers or buyers.

Pricing negotiable depending on the circumstances and re order clients.

Above is my direct cellphone number. I am the owner of the company and happily take all calls and educate our clients on anything they need to know about the minor cannabinoids we sell!

Thanks for looking!
H2 Processing
H2 Processing
500 grams
wire transfer, credit card, paypal, venmo, cash

: Hunter Heide

Call for more information.
Hunter (lab owner and operator) 407-697-0863

Our Delta-8 comes in Argon sealed 1 kilo media bottles. Overnight shipping available.

We can also put your names on the COA's if so desired.

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