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Flower 3684 05/10/2020

$ 300.00
Premium Quality Hemp Flower

$350 1-9 lb
$300 10-25 lb
$280 25-50 lb
$270 50-99 lb

1 lb Minimum order
Shipping not included
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1 lbs
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: Alan Mendez

Pendleton, Oregon, USA

Text/Call 888-509-7008 Straight from the farm

It's harvesting time and the best time to buy your hemp. All new strains with the best genetics. Everything hand trimmed, seedless and ready to go.

Level up your hemp game with these new strains at outstanding quality. You will have your clients asking for more. Proud suppliers of the biggest hemp brands and distributors out there, we are here to help you grow. From 1 pound to thousands contact us to get a great deal on your hemp.

- Sour Tsunami
- Wedding Cake
- Hempress
- CBG Jack Frost
- Sour Diesel
- Blue Genius

These strains are hand trimmed to perfection. Stored in climate controlled units. There's a lot of effort and love put in these flowers. We understand quality has been hard to find lately and we want to fix that issue with our strains.

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