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Flower 4344 05/10/2020

$ 250.00
Premium Quality Hemp Flower

$299 1-9 lb
$280 10-25 lb
$270 25-50 lb
$260 50-99 lb

1 lb Minimum order
Shipping not included
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1 lbs
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: Alan Mendez

Medford, Oregon, USA

Just Harvested Hand Trimmed New Fire Strains
Sour Space Candy/ Bubba Kush/Hulk/CBG/Elektra

Grown in Oregon. These strains are slowly cured and hand trimmed to perfection. Stored in climate controlled enviroment to preserve freshness and the terpene profiles. High CBD levels with amazing aestethics.
The unique tastes and aromas of the strains come from the amazing oregon genetics.
Less than 0.3% THC delta 9 THC. They're perfect for distribution, prerolls, extracts and they look great in jars for CBD shops.

We also have biomass, smalls, trim, D8 and distillate. Feel free to contact us so we can assist in your hemp flower or other product selection we are here to help. We believe in long term business relationships so we always go the extra mile to keep our customers happy.

- Hulk
- Bubba Kush
- Sour Space Candy
- Elektra

Order now (888)-509-7008 flowerconnects@gmail.com
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