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Flower 1050 09/16/2020

$ 350.00
Call or Text (888) 509- 7008 Not Going to Last

$300 Single Pound
$270 50lbs - 100lbs
$250 +100lbs

Minimum order is 1lb
Shipping not included
2 day Shipping
800 lbs available
Can arrange meet ups for large orders
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: Alan Mendez

Medford, Oregon, United States

Best Bubba Kush Harvest. Hand Trimmed , Incredible Terpenes. 2000lbs Avaiable

This is a very special strain looks like indoor . . Besides the looks the terpenes and the quality of the smoke steal the show. Works for small shops to large distributors. Special pricing for large orders.

Best Bubba Kush crop for this harvest. Have tried over 50 samples and nothing compares to this one. By far best one.

Perfectly hand trimmed, stored in a climate controlled enviroment. Separated, only medium to large nugs. Incredible terpene profile.

Perfect addition to your inventory in these times. Don't wait and try this new strain.
Grown in Oregon and curated to perfection.

Only 2000 pounds left. Order now.

Call (888) 508 - 7009 for more information
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