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Raw 256 10/21/2020

$ 300.00
Hulk Flower Prices

$340 1lb
$320 25lb
$285 50lb
$240 100lb

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MOQ quarter pound for $80
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: Alan Mendez

Medford, Oregon, United States

The Hulk strain is very light green , has perfect moisture and very loud nose. It has perfect hand trimming and great bulk prices. It's a very recent harvest. We are still trimming the rest and should be done soon for bulk orders. Grown in Oregon with the best genetics avaiable. This years crop is Fire

It was slowly cured and it's stored in a climate controlled enviroment to preserve the freshness and the terpenes. Everyone that sees the flower loves it. We put a lot of love and care in every aspect of the grow. This outstanding flower has high cbd content.

We have smalls, trim and biomass available for extracts or prerolls. This flower is perfect for boutique shops and for large orders as it looks sexy in pounds.

The nugs are medium to large and have been separated. It's very green hence the name the hulk. The smell is earthy and citrusy.

For more information contact 888 509 7008

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