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Viable Seed 05/02/2021

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$ 0.75
Our non- Femenized seed is on sale for .30 cents each MOQ 500
Our Femenized seed is on sale for .75 cents each MOQ 500
For 100-500 seed prices are 1.00 a seed
Foxhound Farms
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: Foxhound Farms

Here at Foxhound farms we believe every citizen has the right to grow and breed hemp.We have chosen three of our best compliant strains and back crossed our best phenotypes to bring you these seeds! We have tested 95% germination rates . We have femenized seeds for growers and non-femenized for breeders looking for a good cross.If you want to incorporate some quality and rot resistance into your lineup we recommend these choices. We choose for excellent lower branching plus space for air circulation , great smell, good oil production, high terpene content and a 28:1 CBD ratio .These are stable femenized F2 and F3 backcrossed seeds.
Feel free to call with questions
thanks JL

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