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Flower 09/09/2021

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$ 300.00
Premium Cherry Limeade harvested sept.1
Foxhound Farms

: Foxhound Farms

At Foxhound Farms we believe in providing consistent quality , boutique strains,that are crafted in small batches by hand.
This Cherry Limeade was harvested September 1 and is selling fast. It has a fresh lime nose with fruit undertones.It is truly a premium flower.
We are hand trimming and curing under climate controlled conditions. The most important thing is that you get the freshest flower that has a very smooth flavor with lots of terpenes, and very sticky with lots of trichromes!
We Grow naturally and meticulously with no seeds and we comply with all USDA compliance standards.Our policy offers no refunds on dried hemp flower once you have received and opened it for safety reasons.
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