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Flower 939 05/06/2020

$ 30.00
Please contact Dayton at Dayton@FullBodyZen.com or text at 5203071947

All of our trim is extra high quality. We take left over shake and hand trimming and double grind them to make the highest quality trim for prerolls. All of this trim is packaged immediately after processing to preserve freshness and smokes great! Each pound of trim can be used to make over 450 one gram prerolls. If you don't have the ability to manufacture your own prerolls we can even do it for you.

Watermelon Haze Trim
1/lb: $25 per lb
2/lb: $20 per lb
5/lb: $18 per lb
10/lb: $15 per lb

Unpackaged Preroll 160mg CBD
$1.00/Unit - 0-1000 Units
$0.75/Unit - 1000-4999 Units
$0.65/Unit - 5000+ Units
Ask about Isolate Infusion for an extra kick
Full Body Zen
1 lb
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: Full Body Zen

Tucson, AZ

Grown In Oregon, Dried and Stored In Arizona

Microbial and Potency Tested.

COA available at request

Full Body Zen is also the BEST PRICED White Label/Private Label Manufacturer on the CBD/CBG/Vape market. FBZ has been able to slash pricing for customers by over 50% in most cases. Show us a sample of your product, we will source the exact packaging if necessary, print the labels on our in-house label machines.

Ships Vacuum Sealed by USPS with Documents Inside.

Text or Call 8520-307-1947 for Photos, COA's, Inquiries.
Email Dayton@FullBodyZen.com
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