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Flower 907 06/18/2020

$ 75.00
Contact Dayton at Dayton@FullBodyZen.com or 5203071947 for Details
Full Body Zen LLC
1 lb.
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: Full Body Zen

Tucson, AZ

Check out our newest strain, Watermelon Haze! This flower comes in at a respectable 15.6% total cannabinoid count. It all carries a really strong nose thanks to a terpene infusion, every bag will smell like a mix of sweet watermelon and an earthy OG Kush. All of our flower has a nice red and green coloring and smokes really smooth. Comparable to a Cherry Wine strain. MOQ: 1LB

Watermelon Haze 15.6%
Sample 1 Lb $95/Lb
5+ Lb $85/Lb
10+ Lb $80/Lb
50+ Lb $75/Lb
100+ Lb $65/Lb

Microbial and Potency Tested.

Ships Vaccum Sealed by USPS with Documents Inside.
All shipping types are available.
*customer pays for shipping*

Text or Call 520-307-1947 for Photos, COA's, Inquiries.
Email Dayton@FullBodyZen.com
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