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Great CBG flower sprayed, rolled kiefed however you need it. Premium quality is our first priority View

Flower 10/15/2020

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$ 350.00
Highest quality standards!
CBG sprayed or rolled or rolled and infused! Any custom formulation!
Or try one of our best sellers! D8 sprayed pre-roll with cherry wine terpenes loved by all!
Elution LLC
1 lb.

: Elution

2 different CBG varieties: H5 and CBG ICE #9. All flower is beautiful and smells amazing (cured right!). This CBG has a great nose unlike most bland CBG.
Sprayed CBG is perfect for smoking, very smooth and doesn't clog. CBG pre-rolls are a perfect burn every time, not clogging like CBD.
Please contact us for more information, COA's, and samples.

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