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Whole Plant 104 02/14/2020

$ 2.50
$2.50 per CBD clone, $4.50 per CBG clone, $6 per mini mother

: Elution

Evans, Colorado

Elution is partnered with Rubi Hemp Solutions to provide growers with clones for the 2020 planting season.
We are offering CBD clones of:
"The Wife" (25-30:1)
"Mandarin Pie" (30-35:1)
and CBG clones of:
"H5" (75-80:1)
Clones will be ready in early May. We also have several thousand "Tokyo Joe" (25-30:1) mini mother plants in 4" pots available now.

All of our mother stock comes from tissue culture each season to ensure that our mothers are vigorous and healthy from the start. We also perform regular virus indexing and undergo phytosanitary inspections. Please contact us for COA's, virus indexing results, and more information.
We can fulfill large orders! Please contact us ASAP for orders over 50k clones.
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