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We have 19% CBD “The Wife” hemp flower available for wholesale now! View

Flower 165 10/15/2020

$ 400.00
$350/lb CBD Roughly 50 Lbs Available
$450/lb CBG Roughly 300 Lbs Available
Elution LLC
1 lb.

: Elution

Evans, Colorado, USA

We are harvesting our greenhouses now and will have trimmed flower ready in two weeks. We have 5 different CBD varieties: Cantaloupe Crush, Cherry Creme Brulee, Dreamy Clouds, Tokyo Joe, and Mandarin Pie. We have 2 different CBG varieties: H5 and CBG ICE #9. All flower is looking fantastic and smells great. All CBD flower is Delta 9 compliant, and all CBG flower is TOTAL THC compliant. Please contact us for more information, COA's, and samples. We are collecting COA's as we go, we will have COA's for all varieties available in a week or two.
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