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Distillate 01/06/2021

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We currently are producing AMBER ONLY Delta 8 liters. Potency ranging from 90-98% D8 with 0.00% D9! PLEASE TEXT OR CALL 561.558.4825 Anytime for info and COAs

Pricing Starting at $1400 for Singles
5 @ $1300
10@ $1250
25 @ $1200
50 @ $1100
100 @ 1000
1 Liter
All but Paypal

: Chad Wiener

We process and make about 300 liters of D8 a week. Everything is 90%+ with absolutely 0% D9. We use chromo to remove our D9. Stop getting screwed by your D8 producer and let us blow your mind! We only produce the highest quality D8 and other minors as well! With a fairly large capacity, we can produce 300 liters of Delta 8 a day. We offer samples for anyone looking to place larger volume orders.

We have references of people who received liters pulled their own COA and came back exactly as we said. So come check us out. We soon will have many other forms


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