Andrew K


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Flower 06/28/2020

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$ 300.00
$300 per lb for fulls

$125 per lb for smalls (screened and bagged)

2k lbs available

Possible discount of very large orders

Green Desert
Not Applicable
Not Applicable

: Andrew K

Southern Oregon & CA grown
Flower was hang dried. Machine run and hand touched. Few leaves on each bud but an overall tight and "naked" look.
Solid nose, not oxidized.

Nose on the Chem OG E1 is straight gas, an unreal nose for hemp. Deep sour notes with a OG top note.

Flower has virtually no seeds. Maybe 1 in every 10 lbs. No podding or seeds in the bud.

COA and paperwork available.

Flower is in Los Angeles and Napa but can be delivered locally. Unfortunately no shipping available, only local sale.

Get in touch, hope to hear from you soon!



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