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Whole Plant 4125 08/01/2019

$ 1.00
We have Hawaiian Haze, Lifter Stormy Daniels, Trump 1, Cherry Wine and Suver Haze and many more top shelf strains 100 pound min order!! $150 $225 depending on MQO.
$0.95PPP 2 million pound of biomass 10%+ under .3% COMPLIANT!!! Call for pricing
$0.95 PPP 5 million pound on the ground in Oregon- Call for details
2 million pounds of AC/DC Call for pricing!!
200k to 500K pound of CBG 8.5% to 16% CBG call for pricing
10 million CBG seeds for sale with 15.6 to 20% CBD content available all for pricing.
(Please only call if you have POF and PO or LOI from the buyer- No tire kickers!!!)

****Mobile Trimming Service ready for service!!! We can process 60,000 pounds per day call for details****

Investors wanted:
We have smokable hemp farm with 200k pounds. We have amazing pricing on bulk purchase straight from the farm and need partners to help dry and process the material. ROI is through the roof so please reach out for details.

We also have 500 acre and 1000 acre hemp farm project that needs investors! We provide all the seeds just cover the cost to grow and we can make a fortune!!! Please text for details.

We are always looking for the following:

Direct farms with CBD or CBG biomass and flower (No more than 1 broker please!!)
Fire Sales on smokable farms or biomass!!!
Wet, damaged or low CBD % biomass
Farmers who need help with drying or processing there harvest.

Please text me first between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM PST 949-395-3282
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: Dan Cherchian

Aliso Viejo, CA

Fire sale on isolate 5000 MQO $1600 per kilo and $1900 for anything less ordered. Call for pricing
GBG Distillate $9500 per kilo.
Isolate and crude oil for sale 2000 kilo the grown now!! Call for pricing
CBN Distillate and Isolate and crude oil 100 kilo the grown now!! Call for pricing
CBC Made to order
CBM Made to order
THC-V Made to order

Need your biomass tolled? We now can offer factoring service so you know you'll get paid!! We put money in escrow for your product to processed and payment to the farmer is made when lab as completed the order. PLease call for all tolling options we have great revshares.

BIOMASS WANTED: We are buying Biomass on the floor now and futures contracts from farms direct or with a max of 1 broker involved in the deal so please reach out if you have better pricing than what I'm offering.

Call Dan 949-395-3282 9:00 AM to 6 PM PST- Please text first!!!!
We are always looking for investors for our farm project so please contact us
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