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Flower 11/28/2019

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$ 200.00
Tired of ordering flower and not getting what you want? Look no further. Try Basin Top Flower. Raised in the high desert of Eastern Oregon at 4200 feet elevation, where we have cool nights and hot days, perfect for growing high density, very light green color hemp flower.

Bubba Kush Truck Stop $200/lb

Bubba Kush 66 $200/lb

Super Sour Space Candy $200/lb

Sour Lime $200/lb

Gas Station Diesel $200/lb

C buds available at $70/lb

2020 crop Hawaiian Haze and Lifter still very green with great smell-$70/lb

If interested, call 541-281-2006.
Basin Top Flower
ODA License #s AG-R1072224HGS & AG-R10575801HG
5 lbs
Venmo, PayPal, or bank wire transfer

: Basin Top Flower

Excellent top shelf flower quality, great nose and organically grown. COAs available upon request. Flower in stock and ready to ship. Wholesale pricing available on orders of 50 lbs or more. Five varieties of flower available including: Bubba Kush Truck Stop, Bubba Kush 66, Super Sour Space Candy, Sour Lime, & Gas Station Diesel.

Running a special on remaining 2020 crop of Hawaiian Haze and Lifter. Excellent nose and very light green.

For questions call
Terry Guthrie
(541) 281-2006

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