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Viable Seed 04/03/2021

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$ 7,500.00
We have six main CBD hemp cultivars and one CBG cultivar available as of April 1, 2021. Free shipping on all orders. We also have around 15 other limited varieties with a maximum order of 1000 seeds.
Halcyon Hemp LTD
Halcyon Hemp LTD
1 pound
cash, check, money order credit/debit card

: Travis Nelson

A wonderful variety that has very vigorous growth. Consistently stable with a high CBD level of 10-14% at harvest. Large dense flower. High producer. Sweet skunk aroma. Approximately 30 lbs of this seed lot currently available.

Ivanka Trump: (T2 x Colorado Star)

By far one of the best producers of our inventory. Heavy flower. Fruity and piney aroma. Early flower. Very robust. High CBD levels.

Chunk City: (Cherry Blossom x Colorado Star)

By far the "chunkiest" CBD hemp variety in our 2020 breeding program. Very large flower set. Idea choice for "smokable flower" hemp growers. Sweet berry aroma. Early flower. Ideal for early harvest.

Steel City Star: (Mountain Mango x Colorado Star)

HIGHEST CBD PRODUCER. Robust flower. Great medium producer of smokable flower or biomass per plant. Sweet and fruity aroma with a hint of skunk. Dense flower. Amazing lab results.

CBG Star (Curious George CBD x Colorado Star):
Very robust large flower set. Great aroma.

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