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$ 200.00
Greenhouse Flower:
-Kush Hemp E1
-Ray Haze
-Pineapple Haze
-Hawaiian Haze
-Bubba 19
-Sour Lifter
Light Dep:
-Bubba 59

D8 Flower:
-King Louis XIV
-Guerilla Glue
-OG 8
-Sunset Sherbert
-Kush 88
-Super Space Candy

Exotic D8 Flower:
Gelato Cake
Girl Scout Cookies
Bio Lab Global LLC
Venmo, Cash App, Wire, Cash

: Hannah

We have dropped our prices on Delta-8 & CBD flower to make room for a fresh greenhouse harvest coming in 2 weeks!
Check out our amazing deals for the next month! 704-713-1841.

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