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Packaged 08/24/2021

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100 carts-$5
500 carts-$4
1000 carts-$3.75
5000 carts- call for quotes
Terps Available:
Strawberry Cough, GDP, Dosi, King Louis, Train-wreck, Jack Herrer, Sour D, Durban Poison, Wedding Cake, Headband & Blue Dream.
Bio Lab Global LLC
$ 5.00
Cash, Wire, Cashiers Check, Cash App & Venmo

: Hannah

We offer Delta 8 amber carts at a very affordable price. Our distillate prior to making the cart is averaging at 88%. We use cannabis derived terpenes at about an 8% terp to 92% distillate rate. We offer many flavors and styles of carts. Call today to see the options 704-713-1841

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