Theresa K Kring


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Flower 02/17/2021

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$ 300.00
We also have product like biomass, smalls, trim, D8 and distillate. Feel free to contact us so we can assist in your hemp flower or other product selection we are here to h
Integrity Farms
Payment Options Available Credit/Debit, Cash App, Crypto Currency, Bank Transfer

: Theresa K Kring

Growing in Utah. These strains are slowly cured and hand trimmed to perfection. Stored in climate controlled enviroment to preserve freshness and the terpene profiles. High CBD levels with amazing aesthetics.
All compliant. The strains are perfect for large distribution operations and also for small shops. We can assist you in growing your business with great flower and marketing consultation. We care about our hemp family Call Today
Text: 213-478-8996
Signer: 772 324 9189

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