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Flower 08/05/2021

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Hello members of HMP it's our pleasure to be able to offer you one of the most highly anticipated products of the year, D10 infused flowers!!

Now we understand the importance of choice when it comes to underlying material and that is why we are excited to have both CBG and CBD (Elektra) flower available as the underlying material.

Each pound of the flower is infused with a whopping 80 grams of D10 distillate, giving you the "super sativa" experience that D10 is known for, unlike some other brands that cut corners and spray with 30 grams or less. All our flower is finished off with CBG kief.

When it comes to D10 testing, which labs are used for testing is important which is why we use DEA-certified testing labs like ACS for our D10 testing needs.

Our flower is fully compliant and priced to sell. For example, when buying our D10 flower at our price of $1300 per pound you can yield quite a large profit if you are planning on selling 1/8ths or breaking it up on any amount you please. You can easily sell 1/8ths for $15-$25 and still make a very VERY healthy profit. Yielding you a gross profit of $7,125 and a net profit of $5,825. Pretty much a no-brainer to add this to your product line.

We have 3 terpene profiles to choose from that we can add to improve the nose and taste: Wedding Cake, Pineapple Express or Blue Dream. You're choice! 🙂

Try a pound out and have your customers enjoy the effects of D10!

We have a client that bought two lbs, broke it up into 1/8ths, and no joke, he sold out in two days! Very pleased with that!

Feel free to check out our full flower line at https://hempflowerdirect.com/

Samples start at $50 for .25 oz (7 grams) and you can purchase yours online at https://hempflowerdirect.com/product/d10-infused-hemp-flower/

Contact us via TEXT/PHONE/EMAIL

TEXT/CALL: (206) 531-3365
EMAIL: sales@hempflowerdirect.com
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: Hemp Flower Direct

Fresh D10 infused flower. Increase your profit margins with this flower now. Get it while it's in stock. Going quick!

We also want to tell you about our proprietary Delta X flower that is a special blend of D8, D10, CBD, CBD and CBC that provides the user with a full spectrum smoking experience that is as similar as you can get to marijuana, while being fully federally compliant and fully hemp!

We also have Delta X cartridges coming soon!

Please inquire within and let's get you started!

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