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Equipment 574 01/14/2020

Dry Hemp Kit $40k

Wet Hemp Kit $50k

Work Hog $100k

The Butcher $125k

Big Bertha $150k
USA Hemp Harvesting
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Wire transfer, checks, cash

: Rafael

Molalla, OR

Are you looking for an automated way to harvest large amounts of hemp in a short amount of time, while lowering your costs? We have the solution for you.

Now the ability to harvest your hemp fields fast and efficient is easier than ever. Harvest up to 40 acres of hemp per day with the USA Hemp Combine. Our modified units provide a mechanical hemp harvest option to replace labor with equipment. This results in a machine that gives you more control over your harvest, increases biomass separation, reduces equipment damage, and increases your ROI. Remember, harvesting is the most complex part of the entire hemp cultivation process. Don't wait until the last minute to figure out your harvest options.

Check out our website or the following YouTube video for more information.


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