Thomas Baribeau


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Hemp International is offering TOLLING SERVICES Do not let your Hemp go to waste. Let us process it for you with our CO2 Extractions Equipment. We can take your biomass to Crude, Distillate or Isolate. Please call with any questions. View

Distillate 235 10/16/2020

100 Kg's available, at $3,000.00 per Kg.
Hemp International, LLC
Hemp International, LLC
1 Kg
Credit Card, Wire, ACH, Bank to Bank

: Thomas Baribeau

Temecula, CA, United States

Research suggest the Health Impact of the Cannabigerol “CBG” can be very Powerful. And when you combine it with CBD it’s a Double Play that can’t be ignored. Our Proprietary Grown Biomass gives you the Best of Both Worlds. Processed with Our CO2 Equipment.
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