Audrey Wood


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Flower 224 10/10/2020

$ 300.00
Available: 10/16/20:

10,000+ lbs available for purchase
$300 lb machine trimmed, dried/cured
$200 lb untrimmed, whole flower stalk dried/cured

International shipping available. Any amount welcome. Bulk discounts available.

Call/text/email inquires: (530)339-8970
Hemp Logic

: Audrey Wood

Live Oak, Ca, Usa

Certified organic sungrown Spectrum CBD hemp flower

Indica dominant 11:1

Effects: Great entry level CBD/CBG flower. Mild, long lasting effects, body buzzing/tingling sensation, and sense of well-being, without drowsiness. Excellent for restlessness, nervousness, unease. Aids in calming body, with extended relief. Grown under the sun, organically in Northern California.

COA’s & Organic Certification available upon request.

*pre-orders available*
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