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Flower 03/23/2021

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$ 125.00
*Special Limited Time Pricing*
1. CBD Flower Strains:
-Bubba Kush
-Hawaiian Haze
-Super Sour Space Candy
-Suver Haze
-Stormi Daniels
-Special Sauce
-Lifter & More!

CBD Flowers Pricing:
Hand Trimmed:
>50 lbs: $125/lb; 10-49 lbs: $135/lb; 1-9 lbs: $150/lb;
(Different strains can be combined into one order)
Δ Infused Flowers:
>50 lbs: $350/lb; 10-49 lbs: $380/lb; 1-9 lbs: $400/lb; (Customized to your needs)

2. CBG Flower Strains:
-White CBG
-Sour G CBG

CBG Flowers Pricing:
White CBG Hand Trimmed: >50lbs: $110/lb; 10-49 lbs: $125/lb; 1-10 lbs: $140/lb
White CBG Machine Trimmed: >50 lbs: $70/lb; 10-49 lbs: $80/lb; 1-10 lbs: $100/lb;
Sour CBG Machine Trimmed: >50 lbs: $60/lb; 10-49 lbs: $70/lb; 1-10 lbs: $90/lb;

Δ Infused Flowers:
>50 lbs: $300/lb; 10-49 lbs: $330/lb; 1-9 lbs: $360/lb; (Customized to your needs)

Large quantities available! Contact us for special pricing for orders > 100lbs.
Popcorn buds and other variants/customization are also available.

Text or Call Today! 541-778-4420; sales@hempnovagroup.com
Samples available upon request (Buyer pays for shipping).
HempNova Lifetech Corp
1 lb
Debit, Credit (with Fees), ACH, Venmo, Wire Transfers, BitCoin

: HempNova

We have the most excellent quality hemp flowers for sale! Our farm is located in Southern Oregon, on the ideal 42-degree latitude line. With one of the best soil conditions, we utilize a scientific sun-growing process and ensure the flowers are top in quality. We hand-harvest the flowers with help from our custom-designed “sci-fi style” harvest transporters. Our hemp flowers are then slow-dried in a huge 54,000 square feet, brand-new, high-tech, and automatic-climate controlled environment. The flowers stay in “five-star hotels” for five to seven days, ensuring that the CBD/CBG content and terpene profiles are well preserved. All our flowers are rigorously picked and trimmed by hand or through our dual Mobius Trimmers. The trimmed flowers are sealed and stored in a newly built, climate-controlled environment. We also offer customized flower infusion. We utilize a standard process.

Text/Call Today! 541-778-4420; sales@hempnovagroup.com

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