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Prices are determined by your desired pre-roll customizations, with bulk discount rates based on quantity ordered. Prices listed below reflect the price when customers supply flower. We can source the flower for an additional cost.

Pre-Roll Production Pricing
0.50 Gram: (1,000x$0.95) (5,000x$0.75) (10,000x$0.65) (25,000x$0.55) (50,000x$0.50) (100,000:call for pricing)
0.75 Gram: (1,000x$1.00) (5,000x$0.80) (10,000x$0.70) (25,000x$0.60) (50,000x$0.50) (100,000:call for pricing)
1.00 Gram: (1,000x$1.15) (5,000x$0.85) (10,000x$0.75) (25,000x$0.65) (50,000x$0.55) (100,000:call for pricing)
1.50 Gram: (1,000x$1.25) (5,000:$1.00) (10,000x$0.85) (25,000:$0.75) (50,000:$0.65) (100,000:call for pricing)
Hemp Rolls
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: David Powers

At Hemp Rolls, we take pride in crafting the perfect pre-roll. We also take pride in the fact that we do it consistently. Boasting a 98% weight accuracy, our experts and state of the art equipment allow us to continuously meet the high volume needs of our clients without sacrificing craftsmanship or consistency.

Our process is simple. You tell us what you need and we create an awesome pre-roll for you.

Choose your desired pre-roll paper. We offer the following choices:
Raw 98/26 Special Brown Cones
Futurola 109/26 White Cones
Futurola 109/21 Brown Cones
Futurola 98/26 Reefers White Cones
Unflavored 109/26 Blunt Cones (+$0.50 per blunt)
Flavored 109/26 Blunt Cones (+$0.50 per blunt) (choose between: Sage, Cocoa, or Goji Berry)
*special orders available upon request

Send us your hemp along with COA, lab tested at below 0.3% delta9THC. Once we receive your flower, we will carefully prepare it, roll it, and return the finished pre-rolls to you within 1-3 weeks.

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