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Flower 110 01/13/2020

$ 325.00
- Payment by bank wire OR Square.
- 100% payment due upon signature and placement of order with direct cost of shipping due OR paid direct by customer prior to shipment.
- Shipping and handling is FOB from Gervais, OR and is the responsibility of the customer, including insurance.
- All prices quoted are payable in United States dollars and do not include taxes.
ODA License #'s: AG-R1052527AHS | AG-R1052739IHG
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Bank Wire OR Square

: hemptekusa

Gervais, Oregon

Hand-Harvested, Dried, Cured, Machine Trimmed Industrial Hemp CBD Flower
Tested for 200+ Pesticides to Non-Detect Levels
CERTIFIED-ORGANIC by Certified-Kind™
Strain/Genetics: Ringo's Gift
Location: Willamette Valley, OR

Current Testing:

Total CBD: 19.6%
Total Cannabinoids: 23.7%
Delta-9 THC: LOQ

Total CBD: 20.9%
Total Cannabinoids: 25.2%
Delta-9 THC: LOQ

Email us today at hemptekusa@gmail.com to receive a Formal Quote with all of our Standard Terms & Conditions.
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