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Distillate 361 06/19/2020

Current pricing:

50+ KG's/Liter: $1,050
25-49 KG's/Liter: $1,100
10-24 KG's/Liter: $1,250
1-9 KG's/Liter: $1,400
1/2 KG/Liter: $850
100 Grams: $425
AG-R1052527AHS | AG-R1052739IHG
100 Grams
Cash, Bank Wire, Square

: hemptekusa

Gervais, OR

Thank you for your interest in our Certified-Organic Hemp Farm and our 70-80% Broad-Spectrum, THC-Free Distillate.

Sample COA:

Total CBD: 76.8
Total Cannabinoids: 78.3%
Total THC: LOQ

Please reach out to us for a formal quote+invoice. Same day shipping once payment is received.

For more information: | @HEMPTEKUSA
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