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Hey everyone! Glad to join the community! As a distributor we can not only provide you with a wide range of products but also help get your brand into the stores needed to grow! Excited to be here! View

Health 465 05/14/2020

We carry the widest selection of wholesale cbd & hemp products anywhere! From low cost entry level products to high-end, rare and boutique CBD products. 95% of our products are shipped direct from our warehouse and typically ships within 24 hours of being placed. To reduce shipping cost to you, some of our flower ships direct from our partner farms that are located across the USA.
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: Liam Burns

Binghamton, NY

We carry all of the top brands of finished ready-for-retail CBD and Hemp products from CBD oils, tinctures, edibles, topicals, CBD prerolls, premium flower - whether bulk or retail packaged- and much more. You can find top brands like CBDistillery, CBDFX, IgniteCBD, Wild Hemp Cigarettes, Jeffreys Prerolls, Bearly Legal Hemp, Pinnacle & Much More. We also carry a massive selection of premium CBD hemp flower much of which we grow ourselves, indoor, organic, and some of the best on the market.

We also partner with numerous farms across the country scouting and vetting the best Hemp Flower on the market at direct from the farm wholesale pricing.. We have it all! We are constantly updating our SKUS with new, unique, popular and niche CBD products. If you we don't carry it... just ask for it by name and we can look into it! 95% of our products are shipped direct from our warehouse except for some of the bulk hemp flower as to reduce shipping costs and give you an ultimately lower price.
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