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Flower 09/14/2021

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Strains: Fruit Loops, Sour Candy, Blue Genius, Purple Gas, Legendary OG, Tangie Dream, White Widow, White OG kush etc.
Delta 8 Flower For only $250.

Moonrocks and Hashrocks $350-$450 depending on quantity.
Superb Quality.

Shoot us a text or call!
1 pound
Invoice,cashapp, venmo,zelle, bitcoin

: Ryan C

Welcome to HerbalBuds
Moonrocks single unit starts at $550
For more please contact
(774) 777-1571
We also offer:
Delta 8 Liters $650
Kiefed Joints with delta 8 dist, $2.5
Delta 8 Shatter $800/per pound
Delta 8 Wax and crumble $750 /per pound

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