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Flower 614 08/19/2018

$ 250.00
We sell any quantity, direct to consumers via our website, all available and shippable the same day. Best pricing for 5 lbs and up! If you are a wholesaler, please fill your application! We would love to partner with you!
1 oz
Cash, Check, Bank Wire, Square

: Herb-a-lites

Denver, CO

An amazing smokable flower that just finished 2 weeks of curing in a temperature-controlled chamber. Fantastic, cultured, classy sweet cream cheese nose present, also in the bill of smoke taken into the mouth. Little florals poking up out of it. Overwhelm yourself! We will offer better pricing for 5 lbs and higher. More strains available! Check our website for additional details and to place your order. We accept all credit cards. All orders are supplied on the same day from Denver, CO to the continental United States.

If you are interested in the kief that came from this flower, let us know! It's fantastic.
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