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Flower 07/30/2021

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$ 80.00
111 LBs of Trimmed Flower $80 per

565 LBs BIO MASS $20 per

Tested at 9% cbd and 5% cbg with total THC at 0.30%

Wire transfer/Company Check(once cleared)
Buyer pays actual shipping cost via united states post office or arranges pick up at our farm
We are located in Ontario Oregon
Call Frances at 1-844-666-3398
Herbal Salvation
any or all
Wire or company check

: Herbal Salvation

Strain: Matterhorn
Herbal Salvation grows all of its Hemp with zero pesticides and zero chemical fertilizers so it burns clean.
All flower and bio is fully compliant and comes with COA's
While we do not spray D8 on our Flower many of our buyers this season did, and we have been told it is quite proper.
Our Hemp is harvested, air dried and then machine trimmed. We then hand finish all of it and then cure it in glass jars for 45 days, then we pack it in one pound retail ready bags and store it in the deep freeze. This is the last of our 2020 harvest.
Thanks to all who purchased from us this season.

You can reserve 2021 harvest for the following strains with a 10% deposit
Pine Walker Seedless 6k plants
Forbidden V Seedless 6k plants
Sour Space Candy 10k plants
Sour Special Sauce 5k plants
Lifter 10k plants
Special Sauce 5k plants
White CBG 5k plants
Matterhorn CBG 1k plants (sold out)
ACDC 3k plants (sold out)
Myrtle Creek Natural 1k plants (sold out)

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