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Equipment 10/19/2022

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Almost new unit with grinder and all accessories paid 7500$ for both I believe same setup is 8500$ now. We had to upgrade to a bigger unit. Accepting offers no trade
Hof investment
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Cash wire transfer or venmo ect

: Rob C

The Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ commercial pre-roll machine is the industry leader which combines power, efficiency, and versatility to maximize pre-roll production output.

Capable of producing a blistering 72 or 143 pre-rolled joints in 30-45 seconds or less, the Mini-RocketBox joint rolling machine is perfect for small to large facilities looking to scale and grow production and efficiencies.

Reducing costs and increasing production simultaneously is a win-win with the Mini-RocketBox Plus joint roller. No other machine delivers efficient and systematic results consistently!

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