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Flower 03/11/2021

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$ 75.00
$75 per pound, all 2020 cultivars, all quantities.

$45/lb 2019 Elektra and Sour Space
Horn Creek Farms
Horn Creek Farms
1 g retail, 1 lb wholesale
cash, check, credit card, wire

: Paul Murdoch

Horn Creek Hemp smalls now just $75 per pound. 15 cultivars, 8 Oregon CBD and 7 Eastfork Cultivars. Smalls come from the same harvests as our Award-winning A flower. These are sorted out after trimming and sold separately. COAs show no significant difference in potency or terpenes.

Oregon CBD
Hawaiian Haze
Lifter - Three Golds, 2021 Golden Grow Awards
Sour Space Candy, 2020 Credible Cultivar, Cultivation Classic
Super Sour Space Candy
Special Sauce, 2020 Golden Grow, Silver Cultivation Classic
Sour Special Sauce
CBG White
CBG Stem Cell

Eastfork Cultivars
Sour Pineapple
'78 Llamas
Pear Blossom
ACDC Canna Tsu
ACDC Ringo's Gift
Oregon Guava
Oregon Swell (Don't Pass me By)

$45 per lb 2019 Elektra and Sour Space Candy

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