Paul Murdoch


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Flower 05/07/2021

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$ 150.00
$150 per pound, regardless of quantity. Sale is active through May 31, 2021. Add $5 per pound for individual packaged one pound units.
Horn Creek Farms
1 g retail, 1 lb wholesale
cash, check, credit card, wire

: Paul Murdoch

Special May Sale. $150 per pound for our award winning Sour Space Candy, Lifter, Hawaiian Haze and Special Sauce A buds.

Horn Creek grows organically and biodynamically on our farm in Southern Oregon. We are proud to have won 8 golds, 2 silvers and three bronze at the High Times Hemp Cup, Golden Grow awards, Oregon Growers Cup and Cultivation Classic.

Lifter just won the High Times Hemp Cup Flower category. The Cultivation Classic 'Credible Cultivar' is another favorite trophy. In their flagship category, 150 judges blind tested both THC and CBD flower, assessing for most consistent and most enjoyable effects. Our Sour Space Candy was the first CBD flower to win this award. Hemp flower FTW!

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