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Flower 07/26/2021

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$ 100.00
We are veteran and woman owned farm just outside of St Louis, MO.
My wife and I started the farm last year as a way to help bring in money to save our 120+year old family farm that is being encroached on by a bunch of subdivisions.
We are in it for the long haul and are working on growing our local market with local retailers and on our website.
That said, we have a lot of smokable flower that we need to move.
We are super motivated to sell as we have two harvests coming up in October... Our second child and our second hemp harvest (scaled way back). 🙂
We'd love an opportunity to supply some good quality flower at a great price.

Here are the strains we have:
Bubba Kush
Bubba's Early Remedy
Matterhorn CBG

(We are selling mixed buds, machine trimmed with a hand touch, vacuum sealed in 1-2 pound quantities.
$100 per pound (plus shipping) for orders of 10 pounds and up.
We would consider offers on the whole lot of ~1500 pounds

Also, here's what a flower critic said about our strains:
Bubba Kush: "Nice tight nug, 7/10 good crystal terps, 7/10 sticky break, woody-piney taste."
Bubba's Early Remedy: "Nice tight nug, 8/10 great crystal terps, 8/10 sticky break, sweet smell. Smooth smoke all the way through, sweet taste."
Merlot: "Nice tight nug, good 5/10 crystal terps, 6/10 sticky break, pine harsh."
T1: Nice tight nug, good 6/10 crystal terps, 7/10 sticky break, pine smell, woody, piney, peppery taste. A little harsh.
Matterhorn CBG: "Loose nug, good 6/10 crystal terps, 2/10 sticky break. Floral taste."
R&R Farms 1904, LLC
5 pounds
Cash, Wire, Credit Card, Venmo, Bitcoin

: Rodney

0-50 pounds: 125
51-499 pounds: $100
500+ pounds: $90
Total Lot(~1500 pounds): $85

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