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$ 65.00
Have 6 strains available in smalls but can also do bigs. Have about 500-1000lbs available of each strain
Price starts at $65lb for smalls and for bigs will start at $175 hand trimmed.
Prices will go down with volume.
I ship UPS and USPS
Great Harvest Logistics
Venmo, Cashapp, Applepay, Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer/Wire

: Jarrett Fogelman

I have clean and tight 2020 smalls.
Bubba Kush
Sour Suver Haze
Sour Space Candy
Sour CBG
CBG white

All are screened and sorted. No sticks. No sugar leaf. Clean and tight with a great nose.
Any of these strains I can also do in A flower.

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