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Flower 04/15/2021

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$ 200.00
We are the delta 8 flower experts. We've been getting a lot of skeptics because our pictures look so good.
It's understandable that you would want to try before you spend a lot of money to make sure you're getting exactly what you want.
I'm the exact same way.
So I've decided to make it easy for those who aren't familiar with us to allow us the chance to earn your business.
Spend $200 and we will send you 4 ounces of premium delta 8 infused flower. I'll even cover the cost of shipping.
You will receive one ounce of each of the following:
Exotic Bubba Kush 28% Delta 8 infused
Bubba kush 15% delta 8 infused
Gelato 15% delta 8 infused
White Rhino CBG 15% delta 8 infused
Or you can choose to get a QP of one or mix and match in any quantity you like,
We also have pre rolls available made from the same flower for $2.50 MOQ 100. 1,000 and up $2.00. Tubes and labels are extra.
Not Applicable
quarter pound
Wire, Zelle, Credit Cards cashapp venmo

: Jody Freeman

Bulk pricing:
Exotic Bubba Kush 66 og 28% D8 $650 LB
Bubba Kush 15% D8 $500 LB
Gelato 15% D8 $450 LB
White Rhino CBG 15% D8 $450 LB
Discounts available for multiple pounds
We specialize in everything delta 8. Vape carts, edibles, concentrates and flower. Call to inquire on any of our products.
Call 954-646-8608

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